Top Office Cleaning Tips That You Should Not Miss

Top Office Cleaning

If there is anything that could seriously break the flow of a good work day, it is a cluttered, messy office. Just about any place you inhabit could do great with a thorough cleaning, offices included, where people spend a generous, productive chunk of their day. Not only does a clean working space help people focus on their work tasks but also makes it much more enjoyable and healthy for them.

You could either call in an office cleaning service to help make your office look squeaky clean or maybe even get your employees working on a cleaning spree. Here is all that you can do to make your office look spotless and shiny like new!

Create specific to-do lists

Not every inch of your office needs a clean and scrub treatment each day. Most of it could do just with some dusting and sweeping, while other areas would need specialized care. So the first step to tackle the task is to create a chore list that mainly focuses on areas requiring regular attention and then everything in between. Assign the office cleaning crew to work on the office space as a whole while the employees work on individual desks.

Top Office Cleaning

Cleaning desks and workspaces

Focus on cubicles and work desks. Work on the following regularly:-

  • Clean the desktop screens with disinfectant wipes. Also, wipe between the keyboards, printers, copiers, or any other spaces that receive regular touch.
  • Clear out the desk drawers, sort out paper for recycling and take the trash out.
  • Make sure the shelves, drawers, and desks are dusted and wiped clean. Do not forget to clean the chairs.
  • Appoint employees to clean out the office fridge often.

Vacuum and spot treatment

Not many stains should make their way into an office environment but you would be surprised to see how dirty offices can get. So once in a while,

  • Ask youroffice cleaning crew to vacuum thoroughly all around the office by moving the furniture or use specialized vacuum knobs for hard-to-reach spots. They could also remove any rugs and mats and get them cleaned.
  • Wipe and disinfect all door handles, knobs, blind shutters, window panes, and more.
  • Mopping would be beneficial and added to the regular cleaning schedule.

It is of utmost importance that the break rooms and the office kitchen are hygienic and sanitary at all times. Ensure the break room is never short of sanitary supplies and that the kitchen doesn’t smell like rotten food.

Office cleaning isn’ta very hectic task if done regularly and if the duties are distributed adequately. In the end, everyone must do their part to maintain a well-functioning office space, along with ensuring that the space around the office building is also kept pristine.