From Glitter to Glow: Experimenting with Handmade Slime Varieties


The amazing thing about homemade slime is that you can experiment with it because lots of creative ideas such as adding glitter, or making your glow in the dark. From veteran slime makers to complete newbies, dabbling in the world of slimes can be quite exciting and fulfilling.

Glitter slime: This type of slime has been sprinkled with lots and tons of glitter to make it shiny! You can always be how subtle with fine glitter if you prefer a little shimmer, and as bold as you would like to get your chunky glitter. When you are mixing your slime, add the glitter to create a uniformly include sparkle. Glitter slime is ideal for a little extra glamour and perfect way to add some glitz into your agora creations.

Glow-in-the-Dark Slime: The glow in the dark one is a real magic and cool thing. By simply incorporating a glow powder or paint into your slime concoction. You could even leave the slime under a light once charged so that when you are ready to play in dark, it glows brightly. This texture is great to use for parties, sensory play or just a new addition to your slime collection!

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Fluffy Slime: Fluff slime is nice fluffy with a soft texture that lets you play as long and satisfying. Shaving cream or foam soap- these will make your slime fluffy These ingredients make the slime feel light and fluffy as it creates small air bubbles. Play around with the amounts of glue, activator and shaving cream until you find a ratio that gives your preferred texture

Crunchy Slime – For the sentimental among us, crunchy slime includes little grains or foam balls that give an incredible crunchy sensation. Combine these with your slime base to create different textures and a sensory feel. You can control the crunchiness by increasing or decreasing the number of beads / balls Feeling the crunchy slime is even better than playing with it, and dare I say quite calming!

Clear Slime – You can experiment with the clarity by trying different clear glue brands. The addition of colorants or gliiter makes this type fun! To have a crystal clear putty you must whisk the balls meticulously, use totally transparent glue and an appropriate acticador.

Get creative and customize your slime-making experience by trying different varieties of homemade slimes Choose from glittery, glow-in-the-dark, fluffy glossy or crunchy slime – and everything in between as each kind of slime provides a unique sensory experience.